About Me


I paint floral impressions. My work is inspired by nature, my garden, the sky, the earth, the sun and the wind.

When I paint I follow the stream of my creativity. Stimulated by flora I abstract these natural impressions into color-intensive, dynamic surfaces and combine those with filigree forms and structures.

The colors and the light, the energy and dynamics of the expression are important to me. I love color contrasts and a strong rhythm which I combine into a fantastic harmony with each painting.

Over many years, I have developed my style from painting and naturalistic, figurative representations to today's expressive, abstract work.

I want to inspire the viewer with my art, to bring color and joy into their lives. Touch them emotionally and let them experience life.

I mainly work with acrylic paint on canvas, heavy artist paper and wood. Prefer small and medium formats because I think that my style is best expressed here. I am fortunate that my studio has a small gallery of its own, where visitors are always welcome.


Born 1965 in Essen

1978 - 1980, education art glassworks, staatl. Glasfachschule Rheinbach

1997 - 2000, part-time education of  painting Hochschulverein Novalis in Kamp-Lintfort

2001, academic year at the IBKK in Bochum

2007 - 2013 member at Art - Förderverein Suedgang e.V. in Krefeld

2015, Workshop " Portraits/Faces" mit Mindy Lacefield (american artist)

2016 Workshop "abstract painting" mit Karine Swenson (american artist)

2016, Workshop "intiutive painting" mit Alena Hennesy (american artist)

2017, Workshop "MixedMedia painting" mit Tracy Verdugo (american artist)


2019, Exhibition St.Irmgardis Hospital, Süchteln

2018, Exhibition Restaurant Kulisse, Krefeld

2018, Solo Exhibition Gallery 48/11, Dülken

2018, OpenArt Festival, Viersen

2018, Spring Exhibition, KunstSzene Nettetal

2017, 0penArt Festival, Viersen

2016, Atelier - Exhibition, KunstSzene Nettetal

2016, Artwork Workart in Krefeld

2015, Atelier - Exhibition, Kunst Szene Nettetal

2015, 20 years Expo, Alte Fabrik in Nettetal

2014, Atelier - Exhibition, Kunst Szene Nettetal

2013, Suedgang in Krefeld

2013, In the name of the Lippischen Rose "Art- and Designprice"

2012, Atelier-Exhibition, Suedgang in Krefeld

2012, Art and Design im Greifenhorst in Krefeld

2011, Atelier-Exhibition, Suedgang in Krefeld

2010, Atelier-Exhibition, Suedgang in Krefeld